Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Alienists by Caleb Carr

Another Recommendation by the Infamous Ray- In late 1800’s New York, a killer is viciously slaughtering adolescent boys. An alienist (another name for a psychologist) joins detectives and a reporter to unearth not only who is behind the killings but why these killings are being carried out. I could not put this novel down and read it in one night. I loved the historical details and the growing sense of friendship among the unconventional investigating team. The book is a truly superb read that feels so real you can see the street corner gaslights. It is long and exciting, but not long enough because by the time you finish you feel like many of these people are your friends and you unquestionably want more. This novel will hold a unique position among my books.
5 Stars!!

Thanks Ray !!

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