Thursday, January 27, 2011

Derik's Bane by Mary Janice Davidson

Derik Gardner is an alpha werewolf but Derik’s pack already has an Alpha who is also his best friend, and two Alphas in one pack can cause problems. Derik decides to leave and a mission comes on at the right time for his departure.
Derick has been given the task of killing Dr. Sara Gunn is the reincarnation of Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur’s half-sister who was believed to be the downfall of the King and a sorceress to boot.
Sara on the other hand is having a bad day. Her cars dies and is predicted to cost her a lot of money, men show up at her hospital and try to kill her, and Derik tries to strangle her in her own home. Derik cannot kill Sara so the two decide to hit the road to change her fate and save the world from men who are trying to kill her in the name of King Arthur.
This book is so full of idiosyncratic that halfway through the book I had to put it down and that has never happened with any of Davidson’s books before. Somewhere in the middle of all the wise cracking discourse, the romance gets lost. In fact, you get the feeling that besides the great sex they have what they really like is the quest they are on.
Davidson certainly has a very unique voice and you’ll either love this book or hate it – there is no middle ground here. It’s not that this book isn’t humorous, there is just absolutely nothing tossed in to add breadth and multiplicity.
2 Stars

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