Monday, January 17, 2011

Mercury in Retrograde by Paula Froelich

I thoroughly enjoyed Mercury in Retrograde by Paula Froelich's . I expected a hint into a kind of daily life that I have always wanted, one with money, glitz, and glamour. What I got was a comedic story that archives real people. It entails three women whose positions place them in each other's pathways and whose choices create new lives for each of them.
Penelope Mercury, the first character and the namesake of the novel has to go to great lengths to keep what is in effect a horrible job but when a series of events coincide to cause her to lose her job; she finds a way to land on her feet with a new job and co-workers that are much more promising.
Froelich weaves prophetic and amusing horoscope information in skillfully, giving a preview of what's in store for each of the characters. Thus we realize that it was mercury in retrograde that led to the occurrences for Penelope. Her new friends in her apartment building are prone to similar occurrences.
Dana Gluck has become more or less a hermit in the building, because of the disintegration of her marriage. She's into yoga, and that prompts an invite by her yoga teacher to Penelope and Lena Lippencrass to join in the yoga classes. Once the three of them meet, they form a clique that sticks together and encourages each other.
Lena's on the run from her parents, who've cut her off monetarily. That fuels her yearning to establish herself and she does so in an inventive and resourceful way, with the help of her new friends. Dana and Penelope equally follow paths of self-discovery, not without drawbacks, but those of course center on the horoscope!
I think Froelich has superior insight on the types she has cast working in the industry that she does and I look forward to a next book from this author. 4 Stars

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