Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman

The Red Garden is the story of the town of Blackwell, Massachusetts, populated by charming and memorable characters. A series of short stories (which is becoming a favorite arrangement of mine)the book has the feel of a novel because of the even current of the stories through history. It starts with the story of the town’s founder, Hallie Brady and continues through several of Hallie’s descendents or the descendents of the other original townspeople, and the way their lives crisscross throughout the years.

The writing is characteristically Alice Hoffman with an allusion of the unexplained and the supernatural slipped in. There are spirits, lucky trees, and a garden in which only red plants grow. Blackwell is obviously a extraordinary place and the people who visit and those who reside there never really leave, even though they may journey elsewhere.

Once I started the book it was impossible to put down

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