Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman

Navajo County Deputy Sheriff Cowboy Dashee’s cousin is accused of pilfering and pawning a hefty diamond. Sargent Jim Chee, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn (ret.) and Chee’s fiancée, Bernie Manuelito, work together on this case, and prove that the diamond is connected to a plane crash that took place in the Grand Canyon area fifty years ago. Leaphorn was the narrator of this story and he did not play a large role in the story line itself however, he visited his old friend, McGinnis, at the trading post which had been a center of activity for years, but has since become abandoned. Leaphorn lamented about the loss of old friends and how things had changed. I have read many other of the Hillerman books and I will be reviewing them a few at a time.
3 Stars

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