Friday, June 17, 2011

A Small Hotel: A Novel by Robert Olen Butler

A Small Hotel is the story of how of Michael and Kelly Hays fell in love, got married, lived their lives and then fell apart.

Michael is a lawyer who has been raised to believe that simply by "being there" he has expressed his emotions therefore creating a very isolated adult. He is a product of an emotionally distant father who taught him that words are just words with no meaning behind them.

Kelly is a woman who has an emotional intensity that needs to hear the words from her husband but she never pushes him to say those three little words. This is also a product of an emotionally distant father and mental problems that she experienced during her early days.

Through flashbacks we learn much about the couple only to have it end up in a small hotel is where Kelly and Michael spent their first night together and over the course of their relationship they returned numerous times. Michael and Kelly consider room 303 to be their room, and it is here she has decided she will end her life without Michael.
Michael on the other hand is in torment from his own personal problems as he reflects on his life. The paradox is that both Michael and Kelly are more equal than they may know.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I will definitely purchase it in July 2011.

5 Stars

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