Friday, December 10, 2010

American Rose by Karen Abbot

With pop star Christina Aguilara’s movie Burlesque being at the forefront of America’s mind it is a perfect time for a book about the Queen of burlesque to release. American Rose brings America the genuine story of the woman, her struggles and her triumphs.

Karen Abbott shows us a multifaceted Gypsy Rose Lee than the glamour of the musical starring Natalie Wood. By re-evaluating her life, through her family and the overbearing mother Rose Hovick, we see the timeline of how someone fights to become famous in America. Abbott provides the details of Gypsy’s life and the circumstance in which she was raised.

Many Americas do not know that Gypsy Rose Lee was one of its greatest and well known artists she was elegant, well read, and stronger for all that she had gone through.

The only drawback was the very confusing time line.

Four stars for sure !!

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