Sunday, December 5, 2010

Room by Emma Donoghue

Jack was a product of kidnapping and rape but his mother never let him know it. For the first 5 years of his life he lived in one room and slept in a wardrobe his only contact with the outside was a skylight. "Old Nick" would come by with a treat now and again but Jack didn't see him. The only way that Jack knew he was there was by the beep of the alarm system and the creak of the bed.
Jack's 26 year old mother, who "Old Nick" had kidnapped, raised her son the best way she knew how. She nursed Jack until they were freed and in fact even kept nursing for a few weeks after they were rescued. She had a schedule of games and physical education (which involved running on a track drawn on the floor, and using the bed as a trampoline). Jack's mother used Jack as an integral part of her escape plan in which Jack pretended to be sick and dead in order to escape. Though a little botched the plan worked and they were both rescued.
Jack had a hard time living life outside of his "Room" and even had a few things brought to him so he would feel more comfortable. At the end of the story Jack convinces his mother to go back to the room for a visit where be realizes that it is just a room and he can now begin to move on. Four stars for this heart wrenching story.

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