Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress Rhoda Janzen

Having a degree with a major in Anthropology I picked up because culturally it sounded interesting. The book is about a woman, Rhoda, who is raised as a Mennonite, leaves the community, lives and marries in secular society and then proceeds to return to her family after her husband leaves her because he discovers he is gay. I was hoping for more religious and cultural connotations but the book contained nothing too heavy. Instead I found a mind blowing book about how Rhoda's religious rearing and family have affected her life that have ben put together in a way that is light hearted and laugh out loud funny.

The first half of the book is crammed with comedy. As the story continues the author starts to disclose a fuller image of her life, and her tragedies including her botched marriage. You will find that between the hilarity on the pages there is a good amount of misfortune.

If you like reading memoirs, or are curious about a different culture you should definitely read this book. Definitely worth all five stars.

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