Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Better Together by Raymond M Rose

I started reading Better Together at the recommendation of a friend and I am so glad that I took his advice. The story grabbed my attention with Paul's cab ride and by the second scene in the chapter Three Scenes from a Relationship I was hooked.

Annie and Paul were best friends who dated and then decided they were better as friends. After an amicable breakup and stints at separate colleges during a visit they lose their virginity to each other cementing their best friend status. Eventually the best friend status interferes with Annie's marriage causing her husband to leave her and deny their child.

Annie Paul and now Max, Annie's son, become a little family for a very short time. By page thirty eight I am tearing up as their happily every after is torn away by a freak tragic accident.The story continues as Paul comes to grip with losing the love of his life, best friend, wife all in one while gaining responsibility of a small child. The Story continues as Paul deals with becoming a father of a small boy that has only him for a guardian, a parental kidnapping and a budding relationship. The story is of a man who though devastated by life he picks up and moves on the best he knows how eventually leading him to a new happily ever after.

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