Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I did little research before picking this book and I have not seen the movie. I located the book in the biography section of the bookstore and I was confused as I really thought this was a book of fiction.
A woman whose ambition in life was once to marry and raise a family finds her priorities unexpectedly changing in Elizabeth Gilbert's biography. Liz, as she liked to be called, was a woman who was thought to have what society deemed every woman wants a loving husband, a great career, 2.4 kids and a weekend house but occasionally one realizes that they haven't gotten what they truly wanted from life and that there dreams have changed. After a painful divorce, the Liz, who had previously looked forward to a contented life of a domestic goddess sets out to seek her true destiny and find herself by roaming first to Italy, where she learns to appreciate nourishment; then to India, where she discovers the power of prayer; and finally to Bali, where she unpredictably finds the meaning of true love.
I am forty years old and this book gives me hope that even as a stereotypical “woman” with a husband and two children, though no house in the Hamptons, there is more to life than what is in front of you. Definitely five stars……

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