Monday, February 14, 2011

Killer on a Hot Tin Roof by Livia Washburne

Delilah Dickinson is a single woman who owns her own travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in tours focusing on popular Southern literary writers. Her tours, featuring attractions and events from Mark Twain’s and Margaret Mitchell’s classics have been spoiled by shocking occurrences of assassinations and chaos. Delilah has become a novice investigator, though she doesn’t realize or acknowledge it, and she has the aptitude for solving these crimes. She does realize that too much infamy could destroy the small travel agency she runs with her family.
Delilah contracts to lead a group of professors to New Orleans to attend the annual Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, she thinks the tour will be relaxing, reasoning that professors were unlikely to be too much trouble also, her friend and possible love interest, Dr. Will Burke, would come along. But Delilah’s soon realizes that the professors are not too easily handled. They drink and get drunk, they have affairs, they guard family secrets that would ruin them if they were exposed; and more than a couple of them appear to hate each other.
When a key figure turns up dead, and Delilah is the one to have found the body, she has to work diligently to prove her innocence to the police and to find the killer before she herself turns into his victim.
I won’t give away the ending but I will say this was a fun read!

4 Stars

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