Friday, February 11, 2011

Lake Wobegone Days by Garrison Keillor

I had heard about this author for years, but never had the urge to read it. I picked it up on a whim when Better World Books was having a sale and I needed one more book for round out a nice ten books. This book, Lake Wobegone, is funny, even though his political opinions are a little on the heavy side for me.

I genuinely liked the book, but I was disappointed that it was not funnier. I did laugh a little; but it came across as very somber.

Keillor should have toned down the extended annotation on the "95 Theses 95" as it was extremely pessimistic and hard to believe as humorous for the most part and as an annotation that went on for pages, it definitely interrupted the flow of the text. I wish he had not used annotations at all but instead included them in the text, especially given the way the story jumped around.

Maybe I should have not started with this one. I think I will try a few others and see how they go.
3 Stars

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