Monday, February 14, 2011

Sex and The Single Ghost by Tawny Taylor

Claire has been a ghost for nine years after dying in what she thought was a botched robbery. Once every nine years a “Spirit-American”, a term that I love by the way, can go back to earth and reanimate in order to do things that ghosts apparently can’t such as eat and have sex. Claire has one big regret in her life and that is that she did not ever make a move on the one guy she wanted. Once reanimated she can reconnect with her cherished Jake and they can share nine days and nights of bliss before she must go back to what she considers purgotary. What she didn’t realize though was that Jake is also a “Spirit-American and he also regrets not telling her how he felt nine years ago.
When Claire, gives him an opportunity to make love he jumps at it and holds on with both hand and some fuzzy pink handcuffs. However, he has his own plans to keep Claire with him even when the nine days are over.
The story line contains a terrific early twist that ironically readers know, but the protagonists do not. Though the tale is erotic with light bondage, fans of heated supernatural romances will enjoy this torrid paranormal second chance at love tale. The only problem I found with the book is I wish there hade been more of the investigation into her death and the surrounding circumstances.
4 Stars

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