Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild Man Creek by Robyn Carr

Author Robyn Carr has brought bright characters to her well-liked Virgin River series. In Wild Man Creek, Colin, comes to northern California for some rest and recover from a horrible accident. Colin is lucky to be breathing after a horrifying helicopter crash; the former Army pilot is now at loose ends. During the painful months of rehabilitation, Colin became addicted to narcotics and now had to fight his dependence as well. Unable to continue his life as an Army pilot, Colin's outlook is undecided. Moving to Virgin River where he hopes to restart his wildlife painting is supposed to help him come to terms on what has happened and help him make decisions so that he can move on.
Jillian Matlock has relaxation in mind when she comes to Virgin River. She has been through the worst professional duplicity and has decided that she needs time off to recuperate. She had passed throughout the area on a trip once before and she has warmhearted recollections of the peaceful setting and its gracious population.
I won’t give up any spoilers but let’s just say that the citizens of Virgin River will have a ball watching and participating in Colin and Jillian’s antics.
Wild Man Creek is a great addition to the series. I love Riordan brothers. This book is what I consider mind candy because it comes across so sweet and easy to read.
4 Stars

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