Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reading Lips by Claudia Sternbach

I am over run with memoirs and I still picked this one up but I am glad that I did. Claudia Sternbach’s memoir Reading Lips was a sweet, enjoyable read that takes an exceptional look at how life stories can be told.

Reading Lips is told mostly in sequential order, and Sternbach expertly changes her voice defining each time period accurately. In the early moments I was reminded of the voice used in Room (which is one of my favorites), and I loved to see the understated changes she made throughout the chapters to show her age and the time period as well.

The point of this memoir was not that Sternbach is a successful writerbut instead that there are moments that change us, all of us and kisses, from parents and loves, exist in these moments.

4 Stars

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