Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

In my childhood taking a house-rental at the beach included fun in the sun and time spent with family. On the downside there was no TV, no AC, no telephone and no videogames.

Such are the long-gone surroundings in which three best friends from school days find themselves on a month long reunion on the beach at Nags Head, North Carolina.

Ellis, the hyper-organized planner, has been downsized from a large-bank in Philadelphia. Married briefly and unsuccessfully, fresh out of college, Elly threw herself into her job and has substituted spreadsheets for fun on the sheets.

Julia, the worldly, and outspoken friend has realized that her modeling career is over, having been consigned to catalog shots for J.C. Penney's. However, she does have a long-term boyfriend, recently relocated from London to D.C., but she's terribly undecided about long term commitment that her boyfriend is seeking.

Dorrie is sweet, vivacious, and an incurable flirt of the three and she has been dealt two marital surprises and she must call upon the means to ride out the repercussions.

Ebbtide, the house they've rented at Nags Head is a dump. Then, the fourth member of the rental party decides at the last minute not to come, leaving Dorrie to find a renter in order to ease the financial burden. Then, the ladies are unsettled about the guy who lives in the garage apartment.

Mary Kay Andrews, who has set many a novel in the south has become one of my favorite authors with her southern style and easy reads.
5 Stars

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