Friday, August 5, 2011

Domina: Society's Ilk By Edmund Sims

I received this book as a Librarything Early Review Copy.

From the beginning I didn’t get the story and it really wasn’t what I expected so please keep that in mind. From the beginning I was confused. The first page, a news alert, was fine but then there four random comments before the first chapter. Then there was a page that said “for those who get it”. Well, that wasn’t me but I continued reading anyway. The chapter started out with a five page fight sequence which I had a lot of trouble following. Perhaps it was because I don’t know a lot about fighting styles so I didn’t understand a lot of the moves and positions. The next few pages discusses her super suit which is apparently painted on. The funniest thing about the costume knee-high heeled boots of speed, after reading the description all I thought of was a bad porn character costume. The story itself is pretty good but I think that there are definitely too many details to sort through to get to the story. All in all an OK book and I don’t think that I would buy another one in the series but that because it is not my style of writing.

3 Stars

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