Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier

We All Fall Down is a frequently challenged book about a group of teenagers who break into a house, vandalize it, and physically attack the young teenage girl walks in on the criminal activity. The violence is horrible, vicious and very real. The book courageously depicts the violent behavior and then moves beyond it to tackle the consequences of this brutality for everyone concerned. The author deals with dark subjects in a multifaceted and adult way without going to far into the adult realm. So many books for young adults idealize violence in one way or another but We All Fall Down shows it in all its malicious, powerful glory. The scenes are distressing but they also make you think. This book is upsetting enough to give you nightmares, but persuasive and straightforward at the same time. Given the amount of violence our young adults experience in their daily lives whether it be in person or on the news more books need to help them explain it for themselves.

5 Stars

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