Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way by Jon Krakauer

I had read Three Cups of Tea and then in the midst of a conversation with a friend I was told about Three Cups of Deceipt. Now, You could say that I spend much of my time in LaLa Land as my head is always in a book and I rarely watch TV so I totally missed the boat on this controversy. I believed that the all these schools were being built, that they were being staffed, that students lives were being changed but now I agree with Krakauer's conclusion from his painstaking research. Krakauer did his homework and wrote a well-written analysis of the entire Central Asia Institute with Mortenson at its head.

As other reviewers here have said, the story is still playing out in real time, but the evidence looks damning. I agree with Krakauer's conclusion from his painstaking research and do not see how Greg Mortenson can stay at the helm of the Central Asia Institute. Mortenson has been reaping a multitude of financial benefits from the CAI and assuming that CAI is even able to survive this crisis I have lost faith and so will many others after they read this book.

5 Stars


  1. Such sweet naivite.
    Read a book and believe.
    Read another book and believe that instead.
    Do no independent data gathering, even of the simplest surfing sort.
    Publish opinion.

    This is one in a sad, long 4-month list of postings that adds nothing, changes nothing, and analyses nothing. The only grace note is your acknowledgement that "the story is still playing out in real time."

    Not trying to be harsh, but I see no use for this opinion piece. -- Susan Hale Whitmore

    P.S. Love your site background -- one of the best ever

  2. Please go to for extensive and factual responses to Krakauer's allegations & character assassination of Greg Mortenson. Krakauer's hit piece is based on misinformation, manipulation of facts, and incomplete research.
    The Blog at will set the story straight. Greg will hold a major media event in the near future.