Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding the Dream by Nora Roberts

I am rereading books out of my book case just because I can. Finding the Dream by Nora Roberts was a very good book. I loved it because involved children and their relationships with their parents at that age. They didn't muse over too much but when they did it added a flair to the story. This is the third of the trilogy and I read it because I didn’t feel like digging for the other two.

Nora Roberts really knows how to captivate a reader. Laura finding her true love could not have ended this particular trilogy any better. Luckily I was already starting to remember the first two books halfway into the first chapter. I enjoyed the way she had both Laura and Michael struggling to understand their feelings for each other.

The usual misunderstandings, protective family, meddling friends, and circumstances attempt to thwart their romance, but after all this is a romance novel, so you know the guy gets the girl in the end. The characters and scene are so captivating that the book stands alone and is a quick, entertaining, satisfying read. This book also gives you a chance to keep up with Margo and Kate's life as well. When you are through with the book you feel as though these three women are now your best friends.

4 Stars

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