Friday, March 25, 2011

Never Eighteen by Megan Bostic

Austin is dying. Austin is on a mission to fulfill his bucket list and to ensure those he loves, and those he has hurt, will start living fully, something he will never be able to achieve. This is a weekend Austin will never forget.

I was broken while reading this story seeing as just two months ago a family member buried a dear six year old who passed away from cancer. The journey of this incurably ill teen trying to experience his bucket list in one weekend than most do in a life span was heart wrenching. Knowing the end of his life is coming quickly, Austin tries to make penance, tries to encourage and tries to love all the people in his life within 48 hours.

Austin went through the mood swings that a typical teenager does but I think they were more exaggerated due to his illness. The anger and bullishness that Austin showed with some of the people he was supposedly trying to help was brutal to read. I picked this book thinking that it would be a feel good and discovered it was anything but and maybe just maybe it was too soon for me to think I was ready to read a book like this.

3 Stars

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