Friday, March 11, 2011

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I received this book as an advanced reading copy and let me say that I WANT MORE! Kristin Hannah’s Night Road is a coming-of-age novel of friendship, forbidden love, choices and tragedy. Lexi is a lonely teen in search of a home, friends, and a place to belong. When she meets Mia a fellow outcast, she is instantly welcomed into the Mia’s family where Jude, the matriarch, treats her like she belongs.

Jude has made a career out of caring for her children. Between volunteering for anything and everything her kids are involved in, and making her home the height of teen activity, the only thing that scares her is the fact that her children will leave her behind for college.

Before they know it, three years have gone by and Senior year is upon them. The only disruption in Lexi’s high school experience has been the strained relationship between herself and Mia’s twin brother Zach. He ignores her, won’t talk to her, yet sometimes she finds him staring at her, or standing close to her like he wants to tell her a secret. These regular occurrences begin to upset Lexi.

Soon complications arise, but the three teens finally come together in a bond stronger than any of them have ever known, a bond that both warms and worries Jude. Senior year is coming to a close and Jude’s biological children have college to focus on. They will leave this small town and embark on a trail to their future which does not include Lexi. Although Jude loves Lexi, her biological children are her main concern, and she won’t permit anything or anyone to disrupt her plans for them.

In the blink of an eye, everything changes. Devastatingly painful and tear-jerking, Night Road is as hard to read as it is to put down. I cannot sufficiently explain the impact this unforgettable novel has had on me, and will surely have on others who read it. What I can say is that all will feel anguish, and all will be better for having experienced the journey.

5 Stars

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