Saturday, March 5, 2011

Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession by Erma Bombeck

With my daughter expecting her first child I decided to give her the book to read. After I found her laughing at the book I decided to reread the book. Erma Bombeck and her insights, she is what I consider to be part of the American scene, Mom, Apple Pie and Baseball.

This book, which I read in one day. It made me laugh, roll my eyes about how Erma got situations just right and cry. The one chapter that made me cry the hardest is the letter from a mom whose son is a criminal. I love the letter from a teenager asking how did moms super powers.

This is a wonderful read for all moms and she actually be required. This is a book to read in different stages of your life too. This is a timeless book and I am glad that I thought to share it with my daughter who will be a new first time mom.


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