Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hollywood Wives- The Next Generation by Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins has never been noted for her delicacy or her intricate writing style. In HOLLYWOOD WIVES: The New Generation, Collins gleefully lunges into the entertainment industry and comes up with some juicy tidbits. All of Hollywood is here in their vulgar magnificence. The wives of the title are on an adventure jam-packed journey through this world, dragging the reader along behind them.

There is quite a generational difference between the original Hollywood Wives and this book. The Hollywood wives of the '80s were stringently prize wives who ate lunch at well known restaurants and had affairs to pass the time. The new group of wives is appreciably more contemporary than the last generation. The women whose money and power came solely through their rich Hollywood husbands are long gone and the women are making it on their own money and name with careers in the entertainment industry. The main character of the book is Lissa, Hollywood actress and diva. As the book opens, Lissa suspects her fourth husband is being less than faithful to her and hires a detective to follow her conniving spouse. It goes without saying that the detective is leading man material, and he and Lissa develop a rather interesting relationship.

This may not be the deepest, most intellectual book you will read all year, but HOLLYWOOD WIVES: The New Generation is succulent and enthralling though with warm weather approaching it is a must have in any tote bag.

3 Stars

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