Monday, March 21, 2011

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse-Anderson

This is a book that will haunt you forever. I have never had anorexia explained to me more plain and clear than through Lia’s voice. It was appalling and terrible and yet I could roughly appreciate parts of why she acted out the way she did. Her family cares for her but it becomes obvious that they cannot understand or empathize with her issues and have a hard time coming to terms with her illness. To them and actually to most people the answer is she just needs to eat. But that’s not an option in Lia’s distorted world of scales, calorie counting, fat and hunger. So instead of eating she goes to great lengths to hide her shrinking size. I ached for her because her self esteem was non-existent.

Understand that the novel is very realistic. It has cross outs and uses different size fonts to show what Lia is thinking. It was well done and I believe it brought to life what Halse Anderson was trying to get across. The writing is poetic in places and book clearly showed off her talent when it comes to writing from a haunted teenager’s perspective.

5 Stars

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