Friday, March 18, 2011

The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obrecht

While I was shopping at Barnes and Noble I picked up a copy of Tea Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife. A co-worker recommended the book so I decided to grab a copy while I was looking for something for my son. I finished the book in about two hours, decisively dragging out the back half. When I finally closed the book I realized that this was
the finest work of paranormal realism I have read. Obreht packs an assortment of treasures into her work. Each chapter reveals smaller and more incredible stories, each character is multidimensional.

Beginning in the current-day Balkans, The Tiger’s Wife evaluates more than 70 years of the region’s past, much of it under an inescapable war. Both the main character, Natalia, and her grandfather are doctors that are courageously attempting to save people and animals without yielding to the terror. They realize that you cannot win the war against death, but that also doesn’t mean you should stop fighting and give up.

This book was breathtaking and honestly I am a bit jealous of her talent at her young age.

5 Stars

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